Golden Age: Cambria & Modern Bath Design

Featured Design: Levven

Featured Design: Levven

The timeless look of old-school glamour has a few hallmarks. Firstly, golden, gilded & gleaming hardware. Second, a heavy dose of dramatic and glamorous black, which makes gold pop and white look ultra-crisp. Third, geometric lines, strong shapes & repeating patterns. We’ve seen a huge shift toward classic ‘20s styles in the last few years, and today we ere able to round up a few absolutely stunning Cambria-clad bathrooms which incorporate many of these classic design elements, in their own uniquely modern ways.

Featured Design: Rose By Design:   Sire Design   .

Featured Design: Rose By Design: Sire Design.


Rose Bay: A white foundation is infused with robust black marble veining, creating a striking abstract effect where opposites definitely attract.

The bathroom can be a great space to go a little more dramatic than you may be comfortable with in larger spaces. While still a large investment, the smaller scale of these rooms means that ultra luxe finishes can have a huge impact, and a little goes a long way!

Featured Design: Levven Design:   The Frances Chicago       John Stoffer    and    Maura Stoffer   .

Featured Design: Levven Design: The Frances Chicago John Stoffer and Maura Stoffer.


Levven: Muscular currents of gray, black, and white surge like tumbling river currents trying to break free from the determined grasp of rocky banks.

Each of these spaces features a stunning Cambria design feature. From wall cladding, vanity tops & backsplash to a custom-made, entirely Cambria vanity, each of these bathrooms showcases a way in which Cambria can be used to create your dream bathroom. Wherever your design takes you, there’s a perfect Cambria design & flawless Quartz Craft install to bring it into reality.

Featured Design: Summerhill Design:   Jaclyn Peters Design

Featured Design: Summerhill Design: Jaclyn Peters Design


Summerhill: Calm and serene with dramatic accents, Summerhill is named for the Welsh coastal village where stately clouds drift gently out to sea across a silver-dappled sky.

As always, because Cambria is both stain & scratch resistant, it is an awesome choice for a high-traffic area like a bathroom. Whether designing a space for your own use, or a commercial space, you can rest assured that Cambria will make clean-up a breeze - just use soap and water! Because Cambria is non-porous, it is also excellent for frequently damp areas - a healthy choice for your home.

Featured Design: Mersey Design By: Design :  Krista Watterworth

Featured Design: Mersey Design By: Design: Krista Watterworth


Mersey: Mersey is a deep, glassy black daubed throughout with white streaks that flash like lightning against a starless night sky.