Happy New Year! 2019 Top Kitchen Trends

Happy New Year! As we move into the first few weeks of 2019, many of us will be thinking about home improvements we plan to make this year. One of the keys to a successful renovation is adequate planning - knowing what style, colours, textures & products you want to include in your project before you start is essential, not only to reduce decision-making during your project but also so your timeline proceeds smoothly. Pacing your project means you aren’t waiting for materials or products to arrive, and gets you into your new space faster!

To plan the timing of your Cambria countertop, keep in mind that between template (when we arrive at your house to measure your custom countertops) and install is about a 2.5 week lead time. When you place your order, you can request your template date for when your cabinets are completely installed. Remember, once we have measured for your countertops, no cabinetry can be moved or adjusted. Placing your order early increases the likelihood that you will receive your requested template date! We have a complete list of how you can prepare for template & install here. Of course, choosing reliable & competent trades is also essential to a smooth project - and with 20+ years in the countertop industry & the best Cambria customer service rating in Ontario, Quartz Craft is the natural choice for your home.

Part of planning your project is of course considering your kitchen or bath’s aesthetic! We’re sharing our 3 top trends for 2019. Read on to see if any of these trends will make the cut for your home!

1) Colour

The first thing we expect to see in 2019 is more colour. There’s no doubt that the white kitchen still reins supreme in design, but a notable shift is underway. Deeper tones are certainly trending - think rich navy and deep greens - but also taupe, warm cream and dark grey are making appearances. Significantly, warmer tones will be something we see moving forward - both in wood cabinetry and in accent colours.

2) Less Metallic Accents

The mix of metals has been a huge trend for the last few years - and one we personally love! However; in 2019 we think the use of multiple metals is on the way out. Hardware in either one tone only, or in a non-metallic accent will be more common. A more streamlined approach to design is the motivation behind this shift - people are looking for classic, minimal spaces which feel relaxing and calm. One way to create a cohesive space is to use a simple design structure - and one finish for faucets, lighting, appliances and cabinet hardware is a simple way to achieve this.

3) Dark Appliances

This is one trend we think is exciting, but a big departure! With the release of multiple shades of stainless steel (Whirlpool’s Susnset Bronze finish is a must see as well), we think more and more people are going to opt for the Blackened Stainless Steel finishes. Sophisticated, deep and moody, these appliances will dovetail beautifully with the trend for more & richer colours. Only time will tell if dark appliances make a true comeback, but we’re excited to see the new designs which incorporate these chic machines!