Be Bold: 3 Statement Cambria Looks


Whether your overall design is subtle and soothing, or bold and brave; there’s a Cambria design to complement your vision perfectly. While we love a calm & welcoming design scheme very much, today is about 3 ways you can up the energy of any space by incorporating Cambria. While all three of these ideas are absolutely translatable to a softer design (think Delgatie, Torquay, Swanbridge for starters), they look incredible with the bold looks chosen by their respective designers.

Our first recommendation is for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in a statement colour. The design collections which tend to have the most dramatic movement and colour are the Marble, Oceanic and Coastal collection. These collections feature heavy organic veining and a selection of tones & finishes to suit any space. Ask us today about a custom piece for your home!

The second way to add a bold splash to your space is to consider a number of coordinating features in the same design as they did in this stunning bathroom. Cladding both the bathtub, vanity top & backsplash in Cambria’s Oakmoor design creates a striking statement that feels both bold and cohesive.

Our last suggestion for a bold look in yuur home is to consider the vertical. Using Cambria in an unexpected way is a twofold design statement - a super luxe material in a bold design used vertically is about as striking as you can get! This gorgeous kitchen uses Skara Brae on both the large center island and as ceiling-height backsplash behind their stovetop. Handily, the stain-resistance of Cambria makes it a practical choice for this area as well as a truly beautiful design feature.

When it comes to Cambria when installed by Quartz Craft, your imagination is truly the limit. We love taking your vision and making it into a reality - ask us today how we can help!