Deliver the Drama: Backlit Designs


Most homeowners are looking to create unique spaces that reflect their personal taste. Cambria and Quartz Craft understand this. With Cambria’s huge palette of designs to choose from & Quartz Craft’s incredible workmanship & experience, we install Cambria in some truly incredible ways. The designers and K&B’s we work with are always pushing the boundaries of design innovation, and we’re happy to meet the challenge.

One way that Cambria stands out from the rest is by offering 3 designs which can be backlit. These three designs can be used as paneling, or be custom cut to reflect a logo, coat of arms or abstract design. Lit from behind, these designs truly glow in a magnificent way.

The three designs which can be backlit are:

New Brighton

Smooth and supple like the well-worn steps of Wales’ historic New Brighton Lighthouse, this stone has all the depth and movement of marble. New Brighton is adorned in stately shades of tan and taupe, touched by swirls of cream.


Above, two examples of the gorgeous warmth of New Brighton when lit from behind. Backlit designs are perfect for spaces like wine cellars & bars. Commercial applications such as boardrooms & reception desks are also incredible spaces to stand out from the crowd with a custom backlit design.


A translucent, whitish-gray, crystal-like base is adorned with white wisps and large brushstrokes to create exceptional depth and character.



A white neutral transparent foundation is underscored with a dappling of fine-grain crystals.


While each of these designs can be backlit - and look incredible - they are also stunning when used conventionally. With the same quality, purity and durability of all Cambria designs, they perform in exactly the same way as any other design choice. These designs are non-porous, maintenance free, stain resistant, scratch resistant & available in either Matte or High Gloss finishes - plus the added option of translucent backlit drama! Contact us today to learn more, view samples & find out how to include Cambria in your next home or commercial project.