The Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

The modern farmhouse has been a favourite design style for many years. At once sophisticated and casual, it is a perfect fit for families thanks to it's dressed-down elegance. We've shared our favourite modern farmhouse kitchens on the blog, but we have never yet shared how this beautiful style translates into a bathroom. Read on to see some of our favourites!

This beautiful bathroom has incredible texture & rustic charm. The key to the modern farmhouse style is simple shapes and layered textures - something accomplished by the solid framing of the vanity and those beautiful patterned tiles. Since the focus of this space is the eyecatching backsplash, the rest of the design simply plays a supporting role. Natural fiber storage baskets & fresh linens provide the finishing touches. 

This beautiful bathroom has a totally different approach to the modern farmhouse style. Using a monochrome colour palette, it still has the main features we discussed - layered texture and pattern paired with classic shape. The shaker cabinetry with simple modern black hardware is a perfect match for the backsplash - slightly elongated subway tile which mirrors the drawer shape. The mirrors bring the vintage charm -  with rounded corners they bring a playful yet understated feel to the space.

Lastly, this gorgeous bathroom uses a dramatic charcoal painted shiplap wall as its anchor. Keeping with the monochrome colour palette of a classic farmhouse bathroom, satin finish hardware is a glamorous touch, and complements the creamy countertop perfectly. We love the combination of classic farmhouse light fixtures and matching whitewashed mirrors, which are both chic and rustic. Fresh blooms make this space feel inviting and polished, a perfect finishing touch!

If you love the look of these farmhouse countertops - we suggest a beautiful Cambria design which will have the incredible durability, warranty and maintenence-free properties all of our countertops offer. Torquay is a beautiful option for those who want a creamy white with subtle movement - take a look at this beautiful farmhouse bathroom with custom Torquay tops:

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