Glitter & Glamour: Designs that Sparkle

If you love all things sparkly, glittery and generally glamourous, this post is for you! We're sharing 4 designs which truly shine - Menai, Rossly, Brighstone & Daron. These 4 beautiful designs are all members of the Jewel Collection. Brilliant blues, golds, and silvers sparkle from deep within the surface of these designs in a show-stopping display of drama..


Not for the faint of heart, Menai is named for the sparkling strait of water where rocks and whirlpools lie in wait between the Island of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales.

Like the sunlight that pierces the mysterious shadows of the wondrous Rosslyn Chapel, this design's striking metallic golds shimmer against a nuanced background of warm taupe and tans.

Gleaming like the wave-kissed sands on the beach of Brighstone Bay off the Isle of Wight, this captivating design is as bold as the sailors whose fated ships lie in rest at the bottom of the English Channel.


Alluring and seductive, Daron shines like moonbeams on the deep blue Welsh river of its name, beguiling all those who gaze upon it with a light dusting of gold and platinum sparkle.

Although each of these designs looks stunning in the beautiful spaces we've shared today, the true beauty and character of the stone can only be appreciated in person. If you think one of these designs might be right for you, or would like to discover the rest of the shimmering Jewel Collection, feel free to stop by our showroom to experience these designs for yourself!