Gorgeous Grey: Our Top Grey Cambria Designs

Sophisticated and calming, grey is a gorgeous option for a kitchen or bathroom countertop. With the popularity of the white kitchen, grey is also a great way to break up a mostly white space and add a grounding element to your design. 

Luckily for us, Cambria has the most extensive design palette of any quartz manufacturer, including a plethora of beautiful grey toned designs to choose from. Though the grey tones range from softest mist grey to deepest charcoal, we're sharing only 3 of our favourite designs today.


With a firm industrial gray-blue foundation that pays tribute to the town of the same name, Bridgewater™ is accented with brief interludes of white amidst splashes and capillaries of darker gray. 


Elegant and flowing, this calming design features a soft-gray background with end-to-end linear white threads that weave a lasting tribute to the village from which it takes its name.


Like the fitful waters of a windy English bay, Seagrove recalls restless silver-capped waves roiling across a deep foamy sea with undercurrents of green lurking beneath the surface.

Whether you prefer bold & striking movement or subtle and organic texture, there is a beautiful Cambria design waiting to be discovered. These three designs range from dramatic, coastal inspired beauty to soft and understated glamour. Which do you prefer?