Spring Refresh: Kitchen Accents

Since we're still stuck in cooler temperatures here in Southern Ontario, we feel strongly that creating a fresh, spring atmosphere indoors is the best bet to lift our spirits. Winter can't last forever, and with these beautiful kitchen accents hopefully we can muscle through the tail end of cold& snowy days.

We wanted to share a few less traditional ways of easily adding a spring vibe to your kitchen, without requiring a full floral centerpiece. Though beautiful, floral centerpieces are costly and need sprucing up every few days to remain fresh. The kitchen above has sidestepped this issue nicely with a simple display of leafy branches in a beautiful oversized vase. Though finding leafy branches in your yard is unlikely or impossible right now, we think this idea would translate easily with any foliage - from filler greens from a florist to leaves plucked from houseplants. The plus side is that these leaves last much longer than traditional cut flowers, and bring a minimalist, modern vibe to your kitchen. 

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We love this simple kitchen vignette for the same reasons as above - while this neutral kitchen is beautiful and fresh in its own right, we love the vibrant pops of green thanks to the glass bottles and crisp limes. Adding bright spring colours can definitely be as simple as a gorgeous glass cake platter topped with some beautiful fresh fruit and minimal coordinating accessories.

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This kitchen gives a subtle nod to the classic spring pastel pallette. A pale pink tea towel, light blue soap dispenser and hint-of-pink cut lilies are all it takes to have us feeling the spring vibes from this kitchen! We love the idea of an undersized vase with lilies, since they are so often a flower used in over-the-top arrangements. This trio of blooms is simple and sweet, just like this lovely space.

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If you have the space for an arrangement like the one above, we fully encourage this elegant combination. These beautiful faux apple blossom branches would be a great option to use year after year. Paired with live alstroemeria, they look incredibly fresh and vibrant. A simple vignette of china vases flushes this arrangement out to perfection. 

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Hopefully some (or all) of these ideas for freshening your kitchen resonate with you!