Design Details: Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Elegant but not fussy, airy yet down-to-earth, the farmhouse kitchen is easily one of the most popular styles for the modern family kitchen. Today we're sharing 4 special elements which can help bring your ultimate farmhouse kitchen dreams into reality. 

1. Rustic Accents

Part of the casual elegance of the farmhouse kitchen is the rustic undertone. Even in highly elevated farmhouse inspired spaces, part of what makes them so appealing is the contrast of beauty and warm, worn textures. This kitchen knocks rustic elements out of the park by including a whole wall of stunningly beautiful barnboard. This feature serves as the anchor for the rest of the design, but also lets the rest of the kitchen be smooth, clean and uncluttered without feeling too cold.

*These white and grey countertops are gorgeous - and if you're interested in a similar look but with the enhanced performance, durability, warranty and maintenance-free properties of Cambria, we suggest you take a look at our beautiful Ella design.

2. Exceptional Lighting

Light fixtures are the jewelry of any room. In the kitchen, many types of lighting are required. Bright, clear lighting for food prep and soft, moodier lighting for dining are both equally essential to a successful kitchen design. This kitchen includes an incredible light fixture featuring many bulbs over the primary work surface - giving both the option of full light or softer light through a dimmer. Additional lighting is provided by both pot lights and sconces to give the homeowners plenty of lighting options.

*Creamy white countertops of interest? Check out Cambria's Fairbourne and Kirkstead designs!

3. Thoughtful Storage

Integrated and intentional storage is a hallmark of the modern farmhouse kitchen. Well placed storage can serve both to have important or frequently used items on hand and also to display some of your favourite kitchen items. A cohesive collection of items is both useful and beautiful, and can bring personality and interest to a super functional room. We especially love these warm wood floating shelves in the kitchen above, as they tie in the warm wood of the floor yet are clean and modern enough not to detract from the backsplash and cabinetry.

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4. The Farmhouse Sink

Of course, no farmhouse kitchen is complete without a beautiful farmhouse sink. These spectacular beauties are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours. Everything from shiny porcelain to copper and concrete are being used in today's designs. We love the idea of a contrasting sink that pops against the cabinets! 

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