Selecting Your Countertop


We all know that the countertop has a tough job. Arguably the most used (and abused!) product in your kitchen or bathroom, the countertop has a lot to contend with. Food, makeup, wine, vinegar, cleaning products, school bags, keys and more will be slid across this surface daily, so investing in a surface that can stand up to this use is certainly worth considering.

Since we know there are a few key areas of performance and lifestyle considerations, we've put together a handy chart to help you visualize the areas of performance for three top countertop materials.


Let's explore each of the categories above in a little more detail, so you know what we mean by 'Durable' 'Low Maintenance' 'Non Porous' and 'Hygienic'

Durability in countertops is of course a top consideration. When we compare durability in these three surfacing options, we're talking about ability to resist scratches, chips, cracks and heat resistance. While all stone is sensitive to rapid changes in heat and can be damaged by use without a trivet, scratch resistance and chips are another story. Granite is durable and can stand up to most wear and tear, but will certainly chip or crack if hit with a pot or pan. Marble is much softer and less durable, and can also chip. Cambria is 93% pure white quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals on earth. Due to the extremely high quality and quantity of quartz in Cambria, it is also extremely durable. And, if a chip should ever occur, Cambria includes a complementary Field Services Technician to address the issue in-home & free of charge. No other manufacturer of quartz, granite or marble offers this service.

Low Maintenance refers to how much time, money and energy your countertop will require from you to maintain its look and performance. Both granite and marble need to be sealed frequently to maintain their look and minimize the look of stains. Cambria is virtually maintenance free, just wash with soap and water. It never needs to be sealed or polished.

Non-Porous, refers to the presence of holes both within and on the surface of the countertop. These holes allow for liquid and air and bacteria to be absorbed into the countertop. Because of the porous nature of both granite and marble, food and liquids can stain and damage the surface.  Wine and food will not stain Cambria.

Hygienic refers to whether the surface will absorb and hold bacteria. If not sealed properly or sealant wears off, both granite and marble will harbor bacteria. Cambria will not harbour bacteria and is a safe and healthy choice for your home.