Healthy Spaces: Cambria in High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas in the home are something we are all familiar with. The kitchen, bathroom, mudroom and laundry room are some of the hardest working areas in any house. Places which are exposed to a variety of elements are always excellent places to invest in your home - if an area will see water, dirt, grocery bags, laundry baskets, keys, toys, dirty clothes (and clean clothes!) etc., it is clearly important to have a surface that will both stand the test of time and be easy to maintain and get truly clean.

Today we're sharing three spaces which illustrate the durability and cleanliness of Cambria quartz. All three spaces are public areas - outside of a residence - and all three spaces have selected Cambria as their surface of choice because of the outstanding durability, beauty and hygienic nature of this product.


First up, this gorgeous yoga studio has chosen Cambria as its reception area surface. A yoga studio is essentially a place to get sweaty, and we all know that sweat breeds bacteria quicker than you can say 'Downward dog'. Add in the number of people a public space like this sees on the daily, and you can imagine how important it is to be comfortable that the surfaces clients are touching are truly clean, not harboring bacteria, or even common germs like the cold and flu virus. We love the thoughtful choice of Cambria in this area because it is nonporous, easy to maintain, scratch resistant and looks absolutely beautiful. 


Similarly, this use of Cambria is definitely not one the average homeowner would think of -  a medical facility. However; just because our private residences aren't subject to the (rightfully) stringent guidelines of a medical facility doesn't mean it isn't an excellent idea to include a product that allows you to control the level of sterility in your home. We all love the look of quarry cut stone like granite and marble. They are beautiful products! However; it is possible to achieve the same natural beauty in your home with a product that is both maintenance free and hygienic.


Lastly, this stunning bar features a gorgeous top of Cambria's Ella design. A public bar or restaurant is an excellent place to use Cambria because of its strength and durability. Consider the vast array of beverages that will likely be spilled across this beautiful white surface during its lifespan. Wine, vinegar, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherry juice, lemon & lime juice, the list goes on. Not to mention the thousands of glasses slid across the surface, coat button and zippers, handbags and car keys that this countertop will see. The beauty of Cambria is in its ability to withstand nearly anything life throws at it! In high traffic areas it is easy to see why the investment in a surface with the strength, durability, stain resistance, scratch resistance and beauty of Cambria is a natural choice.