Is All Quartz Created Equal?

link Featured Design: White Cliff

link Featured Design: White Cliff

Quartz is the #1 surfacing product on the market right now, and is steadily climbing in popularity. The reasons why are easy to see, performance, durability, beauty and maintenance-free living are all appealing options for busy homeowners. As a result of the high demand for this product, the market is flooded with tons of different brands & manufacturers of quartz products, all with different performance, warranty and price. 

While we of course believe in the quality and value of Cambria, the exclusive quartz product we offer, we think it is important for all consumers to conduct their own research and arrive at the best product for their lifestyle. 

Picking the products for your kitchen can be overwhelming, and the countertop is just one product in a long list of decisions to be made. However; not everyone is an expert on countertops! So we thought we'd share a handy list of a few questions which might help you establish which product is the right fit for your home. 

1. What percent quartz is this product?

2. Is this product made from responsibly sourced quartz?

3. What type, purity & quality of quartz does this product contain?

4. Where is this product manufactured? North America? Overseas?

5. Is this product NSF 51 Certified Food Safe?

6. Does it have Greenguard certification?

7. Will it stain?

8. Will it etch?

9. Will it scratch?

10. What manufacturing warranties does this product have? 

11. What does the warranty cover? How long does it run?

12. Does this manufacturer offer a Field Service Technician to quickly address issues?

13. Does the veining run through the product? Or is it only on the surface?

14. Are installers certified?

15. Does the manufacturer colour/design match?

These are some of the things you want to know about your countertop as you make this investment in your home.We hope this list gives you a starting point as you explore the world of quartz!