Not Just Countertops: Cambria Wall Cladding

The incredible performance, durability and beauty of Cambria make it an ideal choice for not just countertops, but also a variety of other uses. Because of the incredible innovation and precision of the Cambria FabShop, we've seen incredible projects come to life. One of the most common applications for Cambria is a vertical one - wall cladding.

The most common places where we see Cambria being used vertically are in the bathroom, on a fireplace and  as backsplash. We're sharing 4 different ways Cambria can be used vertically today, but for a fun twist we're sharing projects which all use the same gorgeous design - Brittanicca.

Because Cambria is completely non-porous and will not harbour any harmful bacteria, it is an ideal choice for use in wet places, such as a shower or tub. Using Cambria in the shower can create incredibly dramatic movement, as shown above. However; if you prefer subdued elegance, because of the 140+ designs available, we know there's a design perfect for your project.

Above, this double-height room is taken to soaring new levels of design with double slabs of Brittanicca stacked floor to ceiling on the fireplace. Using Cambria on a fireplace is an incredibly luxurious addition to your design. Make sure when planning your fireplace cladding you speak with one of our highly trained staff members to learn about any potential restrictions on material size and placement. 



This amazing bathroom features floor to ceiling Brittanicca in different sizes to emphasize the natural beauty of this stone. We love the bold pattern mixed with bright gold hardware and distressed wood floor! 

Lastly, we can't leave without talking about the most common way of using Cambria vertically - full height backsplash. Whether you choose a contrasting design, or go for a matching look (as above), we love the idea of Cambria as full height backsplash. Not only does Cambria not have traditional grout lines, making it easy to maintain, but it is also a perfect place for a non-porous material. Your kitchen's splash zone could easily have food splashed on it, and as a result is a great place for the worry-free properties of Cambria. Spaghetti sauce, soups, frying bacon and more are all super common culprits for splashing on your walls. Cambria will not stain or oil spot, and cleans up with just soap and water, making it the perfect choice for this high-use area of your home.