Industrial Elements: Concrete Countertops

There's no doubt about it - industrial inspired kitchens are everywhere. This gorgeous aesthetic is simultaneously sophisticated and casual, a very difficult combination to pull off. We love industrial inspired spaces because it is easy to imagine actually living with and using these kitchens. Elements such as exposed beams & brick, dark metal hardware and simple cabinetry with open shelving are all hallmarks of this aesthetic, along with concrete countertops. 

While we absolutely adore the look of concrete countertops, living with them is sometimes not all its cracked up to be. While the  industrial and chic aesthetic of concrete countertops is fabulous, they also have some pretty serious issues. Concrete countertops are prone staining and scratching Concrete is porous and can harbor dirt and bacteria. Concrete countertops can crack if not supported throughout with significant re-bar, wire mesh and fiber reinforcements. They are expensive and time consuming (concrete takes 28 days to cure entirely) to install properly and require maintenance and upkeep for the lifetime of the countertop.


Luckily, Cambria quartz provides a alternatives with exceptional beauty and incredible durability to give you the industrial inspired look of concrete with the performance and warranty of Cambria. Last year's Cambria Matte finish brought to life the option of having a low-sheen countertop with the performance of Cambria quartz. This incredible finish took over 10 years to perfect, and the resulting finish is silky soft to the touch with a chic low-sheen appearance. 

 link   Featured Cambria Design: Fieldstone

 link  Featured Cambria Design: Fieldstone

There are several designs which look incredible with an industrial kitchen design, ranging from lightest gray to deep charcoal. Lets explore a few of the options for your kitchen. 



Dunmore is elegant and simple - a neutral gray which provides a grounding accent to any space.



Greystone is a true grey. This design has no movement, which makes it a perfect backdrop for more dramatic design elements elsewhere in you kitchen. 



Carrick is inspired by stony grey walls - and it features a soft organic movement which looks incredible paired with industrial accents. 



Devon is a peaceful and neutral design which features extremely subtle movement. It is absolutely stunning in the Matte finish - it looks incredibly similar to poured concrete!



Fieldstone is a striking slate gray which we absolutely love. It looks incredible paired with every cabinetry imaginable!