Kitchen Fundamentals: Custom Cabinetry

Designing a kitchen involves hundreds of decisions. Finishes, hardware, colour, texture, performance, durability & warranty are just some of the things that are considered in a kitchen renovation – and they are considered for each and every material, product and supplier throughout the whole process. It can be overwhelming!

While only you (and your designer, K&B boutique or architect) can decide what is the right choice for your family and budget, custom cabinets should definitely be on your list of considerations when planning a renovation.

Custom cabinetry is a more expensive choice than buying pre-fabricated cabinets from a large retailer, but we’ve got a few thoughts to share on why they might be the right choice, and worth the investment.

Number one, of course, is the key word in custom cabinet – they are custom! You can pick every aspect of your cabinet, from the height you need your countertops to be, the special width for your heirloom pasta maker, and the number and type of cabinets for the way you and your family live your life, custom cabinetry allows you to include everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Number two, is performance and durability. Your kitchen is the most used room in your house. It has to face kids, pets, rushing adults, packed social gatherings, and more frequent cleaning than your other living spaces. Cabinets are a fundamental aspect of the kitchen, and if you consider your cabinet as foundation furniture for this highly used room, you will definitely want something built to last and with your unique needs in mind.

Number three: supporting local craftsmen and control over the source of materials. If you are concerned with how the materials in your home have been grown, harvested or produced, custom cabinets are certainly something you should consider. You will most likely be able to obtain much more information about the origin of the wood that is used, and be able to select a wood that you feel good about using in your home. Selecting a local cabinet maker ensures that you are investing in your local economy, reducing the carbon footprint of your home and have the flexibility to truly create a kitchen as unique as you are.

Custom cabinetry and a Cambria countertop go together like peas in a pod. Cambria is a North American made product created from ethically & Canadian-mined quartz and fabricated in Bolton, Ontario. Quartz Craft is a local, family owned business, and we’re proud to say that every single project we work on is customized to fit our customers’ exact requirements. If you’re looking for custom solutions for your design project, we think that the combination of custom cabinets & a Cambria countertop is a perfect match.