Subtle & Smoky - Gorgeous Grey Designs

link  Featured design: fieldstone

link Featured design: fieldstone

Grey is one of the hottest shades in kitchen & bath design. Both neutral & sophisticated, using grey is an excellent way to strike a balance of drama & utility in any space. Cambria offers a stunning array of grey designs, from deepest charcoal to lightest fog, so we know you’ll find the right design for your project. We’re sharing 5 of our favourite grey designs here today to give you a peek at the beautiful stable of grey shades we have to offer.


Resolute bands of stately gray pebbled with notes of black, slate, and cream recall the dignified stone walls of the 14th-century Anglican church in the village of Roxwell.


Like the fitful waters of a windy English bay, Seagrove recalls restless silver-capped waves roiling across a deep foamy sea with undercurrents of green lurking beneath the surface.


Elegant and flowing, this calming design features a soft-gray background with end-to-end linear white threads that weave a lasting tribute to the village from which it takes its name.


Meaning rock or rocky place in Gaelic, Carrick™ imparts memories of the stony gray walls of ancient castles standing resolute in the kingdom of Galloway where one of Scotland’s most famous kings Robert the Bruce held the Earldom of Carrick. 


Resembling the weather-beaten fieldstone walls that ramble through the English countryside, this striking shade of slate gray is an impactful neutral that is true and timeless.

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