Warm & Luxurious: Introducing 3 Inviting Designs

Golden Dragon_1260x960.jpg

Ensuring the perfect match for components of your space is critical to the success of your design. Cambria offers the most comprehensive palette of designs available, because leading the market with beautiful designs is part of their ethos. Offering cutting edge designs with the same unbeatable durability, strength & maintenance-free properties makes a Cambria countertop the natural choice for your home.

Today, we’re introducing 3 new designs. These designs are rich, opulent & dramatic. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Golden Dragon

Elegant midnight black and sparkling golden currents flow harmoniously across this tantalizing design, interspersed with white highlights cresting across the wave tops.


A white, creamy base etched with fine lines hosts scatterings of warm, walnut-brown accents and gradated gray splotches to create an abstract composition that invites closer inspection.


Rich, warm walnut-brown, dark grays, and neutral creams swirl and coalesce into a dense medley of fascinating shapes and tones.