Top Trends of 2018

Happy New Year! 

As we welcome in a snowy and cold new year, we're bundled up inside more often than not. Although the temperatures have plummeted, we're not too upset because it is giving us lots of oppirtunity to look ahead at 2018. We're sharing our top 5 design trends for the year ahead, so read on if you're excited about all the fresh ideas we can expect to see this year!

1. Patterned Tile

This year tile is taking a front seat in design. While the classic patterns and textures of subway & glass tiles are by no mean a wrong choice, the bold new trend in tile will be both tiles that feature a strong pattern and tiles laid to create a custom bold pattern. Above, high contrast tile with a beautiful traditional pattern is paired with an ultra-modern shower enclosure and vintage inspired tub for a juxtaposition of old and new. We love this playful use of materials, because it allows this room to showcase modern design & functionality while paying tribute to traditional materials and shapes.


2. Coloured Kitchens

The all-white kitchen trend is slowing down this year, to be replaced with coloured kitchens in classic tones. While there is nothing more classic than a neutral kitchen, we're loving this trend towards a lighthearded and youthful approach to design. Above, this kitchen's modern slab cabinet doors are showcased in a vintage Robin's egg blue. This colour is soft, fresh and soothing, so while it is certainly a statement it is also unlikely to lose its appeal anytime soon. Paired with mismatched brass hardware and chrome faucet, we think this kitchen has all it's design bases covered!

3. Chrome Hardware

While gold, champagne and brass accents were everywhere for 2017, we predict this year we will see a return of high-polish chrome accents in design. Because pattern, texture and colour are so big for this year, we think many designers will choose chrome hardware to help balance their designs and add a classic element to their work. Above, this kitchen features dove gray cabinets, highly textured backsplash and mirrored elements which makes chrome hardware a perfect fit. The hardware complements the design instead of competing, and allows this space to feel cohesive and intentional.

4. Natural Sinks

Perhaps our most controversial choice for this year's trend- we predict a move away from porcelain and stainless steel sinks. We think this year many people will choose sinks in a natural material such as copper, concrete, or quartz. These custom options are certainly pricey, but the incredible beauty and luxurious clout they bring to a design is impossible to replicate. Above, this classic 1920's inspired kitchen features an absolutely gorgeous hammered copper sink. These sinks are so full of character, it's no wonder it steals the show in this photo!

5. Warm Whites

Our last pick for this year's design trends is warm whites. We love the crisp feeling of cool neutrals and pure whites that have ruled the design world for the last 5 years, but we think the next big thing is a move toward softer & warmer whites. Warm whites bring a welcoming vibe which is ultimately how most people want their homes to feel! Warm whites of course complement every colour palette. Their versatility is another reason we see these tones being big this year- there is no need to worry about 'matching whites', as layered whites & neutrals look incredible in any space. Above, this kitchen features incredible Cambria Quartz in their new Brittanicca Warm design. We love how this design brings in creamy white, greige and grey to this beautiful white & brass kitchen.