Merry & Bright: Stellar Christmas Trees

We know for those who celebrate Christmas, the Christmas tree is likely the main component of your seasonal decor. It is undoubtedly the largest decor investment most people make seasonally- from the tree itself to the costly ornaments, these beautiful creations are certainly a commitment! 

Because the tree is such a centerpiece not only of decor but also the scene of many happy family moments, we love the idea of a tree which reflects your personal style, and reflects your family's taste. We've gathered these trees as inspiration for you, which hopefully you can take away into your own homes.

Above, both these trees shine brightly, in part because of their tight colour palettes. Keeping the tree to one or two central colours makes the theme apparent and cohesive. Both of the trees above also feature a strong design feature- they are flocked. Flocked trees are a beautiful alternative to either an all green or a modern all white tree- they give the impression of a gently snow-covered tree, while allowing your ornaments to pop against a light background.

This tree approaches a tight colour palette in a different way- organizing their ornaments according to colour saturation, all in the same tone. 

We love the luxurious feel of this tree- the all white & silver colour scheme look incredible in this sumptuous room. Using plenty of texture is an excellent way to keep a monochromatic tree from falling flat- this one uses faux fur, branches and natural elements to add depth and interest.

This last tree just goes to show that truly there are no rules when it comes to personal style. This rainbow-hued tree looks incredible- friendly and inviting! We love the idea of this tree for any household where fun is paramount!