Cambria Quartz: Canadian Content


Cambria Quartz is family owned, American-made. But what many consumers don't know is that Cambria Quartz is responsibly obtained by conscientious partners from Canadian-mined quartz.

Canadian quartz is incredibly pure, which is why Cambria chooses to purchase from Canadian mines, instead of mines which are closer to home. Quartz from Northern Ontario and Quebec is a premium grade, and allows Cambria to create incredible richness and depth in their designs. 

Your Cambria countertop is made right here in North America. All Cambria designs start life as slabs, which are made at the Cambria facility in Minnesota. All slabs are inspected scrupulously, and are then shipped to our local fabrication facility in Bolton, Ontario. Your countertop is hand crafted by Canadian workers, and installed by Quartz Craft, a proudly Canadian company. 


Cambria’s uncompromising quality is the highest priority from start to finish. Because their craftsmen and women check and recheck the quality at every step of the manufacturing and fabrication process, they can confidently offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for your peace of mind.

Before your countertop reaches your home, it has been inspected for quality and beauty, as well as tested for performance. You can rest assured that when you receive your countertop, it deserves the name Cambria.