Kitchen Refresh: Replacement Countertops

While there's nothing we love more than a good before-and-after of a full scale renovation, sometimes that isn't an option. There are a lot of considerations that affect whether or not to do a refresh, or a redo of your space, and both have pros and cons! Often the deciding factors are immensely personal, and have to do with long term decisions such as the length of time you plan to stay in your house, the stage of life your family is at, and priorities of both time and budget. 

One compromise which we sometimes see is the choice to invest in a replacement countertop, instead of a full-scale renovation. For some customers, the impact a new countertop can make in their space is enough of a refresh to satisfy their aesthetic needs, without the investment of a renovation. 

We wanted to share a tool that Cambria has innovated for those clients who think that a new countertop might be just the ticket- Cambria AR. Cambria AR allows you to use your Apple phone or device to swap your countertop right before your eyes! 

With this simple tool, you can scan your current countertops, and instantly swap between different designs to see which one resonates with you. This allows you design flexibility, until you are ready to make your choice! 

If you think a replacement top might be a good choice for your home, please explore Cambria AR to experience even more possibilities with Cambria. You can learn more here, or watch this short video to explore.