Design Crush: Large-scale Lighting

As the days grow shorter and darkness falls well before dinnertime, most of us are spending most of our evenings in our homes, enjoying cozy time indoors. This has us thinking about the most influential part of our home when it comes to ambiance- lighting. 

When it comes to lighting, lately we've been drawn to fixtures with plenty of bang for your buck- large scale light fixtures that grab attention and lend presence to any space. The two images above are perfect examples- both of using multiple fixtures to increase impact, and of the beauty of translucent fixtures which let the light bulbs filter through. 

We love exposed bulbs in light fixtures for their old-school vintage appeal.  Glowing filaments create an ambiance and warmth in a space which is impossible to replicate. 

These unique fixtures have a lot going on! Geodesic domes which feature both positive and negative space, exposed bulbs and actual living plants all combine to create a truly one-of-a-kind fixture. We love how easy it would be to make these fixtures your own- you could pick your own trailing plants, and use them in an endless variety of unique combinations. 



This large-and-in charge pink chandelier is the perfect combination of glamour and fun! The youthful pink is a surprising and fresh complement to the inky blue walls, while the texture of the frilly tassels and gold hardware draws the eye.

This last chandelier might be our favourite of the bunch- we just can't stop looking at it! The key to any room is scale- using the right combination of shapes and sizes to create the effect you desire. In this room, the long oval chandelier is the perfect mirror for the oval table. The opaque gold elements reflect in a mirror-like way the surroundings, while the glass crystals glow with warm light from the bulbs above.