Simple & Stunning Halloween Decor

We love Halloween. Every year we gaze admiringly at the beautiful (and sometimes scary!) decorations both in and outside our friends and neighbours homes. It is the perfect time of year to put a little effort into your space to make it feel festive and to enjoy the last lingering days of fall before we switch gears into the holiday spirit. 

Although we love elaborate Halloween decor, we usually find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to participate. That's why today we've gathered 5 decor ideas which take 5 minutes or less.

Above, this collection of lanterns would look beautiful on your porch year-round. Adding a few gourds to two of them lets them shine with Halloween spirit, while flickering outdoor candles create a spooky and old-fashioned vibe.

We love the simplicity of this idea! Candles, candy corn and large glass candle holders combine to bring a pop of Halloween colour to any nook in your home. 

Another great (and fast!) idea for Halloween decor is this adoarable welcome mat, paired with a big pile of pumpkins.  Pumpkins work perfectly for both Thanksgiving and Halloween, so after Thanksgiving, simply lay down your Halloween themed mat and you're done!

This gorgeous staircase proves simple doesn't mean boring! Mulitple white pumpkins line this staircase with beautiful and sophisticated seasonal flare. The hardest part of this idea will be bringing in the pumpkins from the car! If you love this idea, we also think faux pumpkins might be worth the investment, so you can enjoy them year after year.

Our last Halloween decor idea could not be simpler. Candlesticks and a branch make the perfect spooky tablescape! You can spray paint any branch from your yard, or visit a craft store to pick up one of your choosing. We know that at night the candles with cast spooky shadows on the walls thanks to all those tiny twigs! 

We hope you enjoy these quick and fun Halloween decor ideas, and have a safe and fun Halloween week!