Distinct Designs: Rose Bay & Rosedale

When Cambria launched their beautiful collection of new colours this year, two designs stood out in many of our customers minds due to their apparent similarities: Rose Bay and Rosedale. It is true that these two designs have a great deal in common, especially when viewed in small scale samples. So we thought we would share a few photos and help display their differences. 

Firstly, we'll take a look at Rose Bay. Rose Bay is described by Cambria as: 

"A white foundation is infused with robust black marble veining, creating a striking abstract effect where opposites definitely attract."

Rose Bay,  link

Rose Bay, link

Rose Bay

Rose Bay

As you can see from the slab view of Rose Bay, above, this design has strong black veining in a marbled pattern which carries on throughout the slab in similar intensity. What we love about this design is the incredible energy it projects- it is vital and dynamic while remaining classic thanks to its black and white colour palette. It would look incredible in any kitchen where a strong pop of black and white will set off the design.

Rosedale,  link

Rosedale, link

Where Rose Bay is deeply veined and energetic throughout, Rosedale is a softer and more varied black and white marble design. As seen in the slab view, below, the veining goes from deeply dark and dramatic to light, soft and cloudlike. This movement is described by Cambria as:

"Artistic, high-contrast black and white veining fade across the surface, providing a slight ombré effect."

This ombre effect is perhaps the most important thing for anyone considering this design for their home to be aware of. In the photograph above, you can really see how light and airy the design becomes. However; it is essential to note that while there are areas of the design that are this light, other areas are very dramatic and dark. This variation is part of the natural beauty of Cambria, and we hope you love it as much as we do!


We love both of these designs for different reasons, but and we wanted to give a close up view of the differences between them for our customers. .We hope this helped you become a little more familiar with these beautiful designs!