Marble Collection: Classic Designs

While Cambia's Marble Collection contains some of the most dramatic designs we have to offer (think: Mersey, Brittanicca & Skara Brae), we also love the look of subtle marble movement. A natural & organic looking design is an excellent way to complement other design features in your space, without overwhelming it with dramatic movement. Today we're sharing our three favourite Marble Collection designs with soft & subtle movement.


An instant classic, Torquay offers a beautiful marble-like appearance that’s both posh and continental, much like this English Riviera town itself. 

  link  Torquay

link Torquay

  link  Torquay

link Torquay


Subtle and constant, this self-assured design calls to mind the enduring stone remains of an old Augustinian priory founded around 1200 AD in the ancient coastal village of Weybourne in North Norfolk. 

  link  Weybourne

link Weybourne

  link  Weybourne

link Weybourne


A marbled background with grays and pinpoints of charcoal summon up images of the stony beach along Sully Island where pirates walked within sight of the Welsh hamlet of Swanbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan.

  link  Swanbridge

link Swanbridge

  link  Swanbridge

link Swanbridge

Canada Day 2018: Red Hot Kitchens

In celebration of this weekend's Canada Day celebrations, we thought we would share kitchens which inspire us with their (potentially unintentional!) Canadian inspired colour palettes! Each of these spaces features a serious pop of gorgeous red shades.  

Above, this kitchen serves red in a super sophisticated way. Pairing the glossy barn-red island with subtle red shelving is the perfect way to accent this glamorous space.  Classic white & grey backsplash and a neutral countertop lets the contrast between the dark cabinets and red island shine. Love the look of this countertop, but prefer the superior durability of Cambria? We suggest Waterstone Collection New Quay design. 



This kitchen showcases a softer way to incorporate red into a kitchen. Creamy cabinets and soft pattered tile backsplash pair with rich warm wood flooring & island countertops. This combination of soft warm tones keeps this space feeling light yet cozy, and the grounding pop of deep red on the island is both interesting and a fun way to add distressed texture to this country kitchen. The black perimeter countertop (for a maintenance free & durable option we suggest Classic Collection Cambria Black design) grounds the whole space and adds a dash of sophisticated depth. 

Lastly, this gorgeous kitchen is not afraid of colour! A very tight colour palette of only white and red makes this space feel both cohesive and intentional. The bold wall of glossy red subway tile is the statement piece of this space - all other choices in this space are kept very simple to allow the tiles to be the star. If you're looking for the whitest white, non porous & stain resistant white quartz countetop available, we suggest Cambria's Desert Collection White Cliff design.

The Oceanic Collection

Today we're setting our sights on sharing some of the most majestic, unique and dramatic designs Cambria has to offer. Stunning & dramatic, the Oceanic Collection evokes the strength and grandeur of natural rugged stone. As a Canadian, the bold striations of this gorgeous collection may remind you of a familiar sight -  the gorgeous Canadian Shield. If you love dramatic movement and a rugged natural stone look, this post is for you! 


Resolute bands of stately gray pebbled with notes of black, slate, and cream recall the dignified stone walls of the 14th-century Anglican church in the village of Roxwell.


Named for a small English village dating back to medieval times, Oakmoor aligns strands of caramel, tan, and cream to resemble the wood grain of stately oaks in the nearby countryside.


Muscular currents of gray, black, and white surge like tumbling river currents trying to break free from the determined grasp of rocky banks.

Glitter & Glamour: Designs that Sparkle

If you love all things sparkly, glittery and generally glamourous, this post is for you! We're sharing 4 designs which truly shine - Menai, Rossly, Brighstone & Daron. These 4 beautiful designs are all members of the Jewel Collection. Brilliant blues, golds, and silvers sparkle from deep within the surface of these designs in a show-stopping display of drama..


Not for the faint of heart, Menai is named for the sparkling strait of water where rocks and whirlpools lie in wait between the Island of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales.

Like the sunlight that pierces the mysterious shadows of the wondrous Rosslyn Chapel, this design's striking metallic golds shimmer against a nuanced background of warm taupe and tans.

Gleaming like the wave-kissed sands on the beach of Brighstone Bay off the Isle of Wight, this captivating design is as bold as the sailors whose fated ships lie in rest at the bottom of the English Channel.


Alluring and seductive, Daron shines like moonbeams on the deep blue Welsh river of its name, beguiling all those who gaze upon it with a light dusting of gold and platinum sparkle.

Although each of these designs looks stunning in the beautiful spaces we've shared today, the true beauty and character of the stone can only be appreciated in person. If you think one of these designs might be right for you, or would like to discover the rest of the shimmering Jewel Collection, feel free to stop by our showroom to experience these designs for yourself!

Gorgeous Grey: Our Top Grey Cambria Designs

Sophisticated and calming, grey is a gorgeous option for a kitchen or bathroom countertop. With the popularity of the white kitchen, grey is also a great way to break up a mostly white space and add a grounding element to your design. 

Luckily for us, Cambria has the most extensive design palette of any quartz manufacturer, including a plethora of beautiful grey toned designs to choose from. Though the grey tones range from softest mist grey to deepest charcoal, we're sharing only 3 of our favourite designs today.


With a firm industrial gray-blue foundation that pays tribute to the town of the same name, Bridgewater™ is accented with brief interludes of white amidst splashes and capillaries of darker gray. 


Elegant and flowing, this calming design features a soft-gray background with end-to-end linear white threads that weave a lasting tribute to the village from which it takes its name.


Like the fitful waters of a windy English bay, Seagrove recalls restless silver-capped waves roiling across a deep foamy sea with undercurrents of green lurking beneath the surface.

Whether you prefer bold & striking movement or subtle and organic texture, there is a beautiful Cambria design waiting to be discovered. These three designs range from dramatic, coastal inspired beauty to soft and understated glamour. Which do you prefer?

Cambria Quartz: The Perfect Choice for Your Project

With so many products available to homeowners, we know deciding can be tough. That's why we're sharing the incredible performance, design and value benefits offered by selecting Cambria Quartz for your project. All products have individual properties which affect performance and design, so here are the top ways in which Cambria is in a class of its own:


  • Cambria creates designs which capture the majestic beauty of quarry-cut stone to deliver to our customers. We think they do a pretty great job- with over 140+ breathtaking designs to choose from, there is no compromise on beauty for performance. You get the look and feel of granite, marble or soapstone but receive a stronger, safer and maintenance-free material

Strength & Durability

  • Cambria is 93% quartz, a natural stone. Quartz is the extremely hard mineral that gives Cambria its strength. Granite is only about 40% to 60% quartz, along with other softer minerals and impurities. Granite is a porous stone and needs to be sealed regularly with a chemical treatment. It can absorb liquids and food, risking potential staining and bacterial growth within the countertop. Cambria is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stone.

Maintenance Free

  • Cambria quartz never needs to be sealed, reconditioned or polished. It is a surface that is truly everlasting, letting our customers enjoy the stunning beauty of natural stone without any of the headaches of quarry-cut countertops. No sealing, polishing or reconditioning is needed.  Simply wash with warm water.  It's that simple.  Plus Cambria will resist stains from common food items such as wine, coffee and tea.

Food Safe

  • Cambria has been certified by NSF International as safe for use as a food preparation surface.  Cambria is nonporous; therefore, food and moisture cannot penetrate the surface – the main source of growth for harmful bacteria. 


  • Cambria is a natural stone product that does require seams for any application longer than 121" or wider than 54.5".  These seams are generally visible, but often less noticeable than a typical granite seam.  Where there are seams the product pattern and shade can change. However; every attempt is made to match pattern and shade as closely as possible. Other manufacturers may not make this same investment in pattern flow across seams. 

Everlasting Value

  • With its beauty and performance advantages, a Cambria kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity will add value to your home.


Custom Kitchen: Gorgeous Details


A custom kitchen is every homeowner's dream. A custom kitchen is an assest for so many reasons: it improves resale value, features superior quality craftsmanship millwork, helps support local businesses, increases flexibility in material selection and lets you create a kitchen which is maximally functional for you and your family. Today we're sharing a few ideas for your custom kitchen project which emphasize a clean look & a unique space.

First up, for the true wine connoisseur, this sneaky storage is an incredible way to keep your favorite vintages on hand. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you could even have enough room to house your entire collection! 

In the same theme, an uncluttered countertop is one of the hallmarks of a custom kitchen - a place for everything and everything in its place. This appliance storage keeps everything easily accessible and plugged in, but lets you enjoy a serene kitchen and keeps your worktop clear for food prep.



We all love our canine (or feline) companions, and the unsightly food & water bowl problem is overcome by this clever use of cabinetry. Pets are long term members of the family - so why trip over bowls for years to come. When you are ready, it is also easy to convert this type of built in cabinet back to kitchen storage with a simple addition of doors or drawers.



Lastly, this built-in tech station is a must have in any modern kitchen. Having our devices on for cooking, researching or controlling your home's thermostat & alarm systems is a convenience which many homeowners want at their fingertips. Having hidden outlets means you can enjoy your devices, but keep them charged and out of sight when you're not using them. 

We hope you enjoy these simple ideas for getting the most out of your custom kitchen!  

Go for Gold: Designs That Dazzle

With the undeniable shift towards warmer tones in kitchen and bath designs, we're happy to report that Cambria Surfaces has a beautiful offering of gorgeous designs which fit the bill perfectly. From warm veining to true gold sparkles, there's a design which reflects each type of golden hue. The only hard part is picking the design you love the most! We're sharing 4 of our favourite gold-infused designs today, so let's get started. 

1. Beaumont



First up, Beaumont. Described as soft swirls of warm cream and beige, Beaumont is also accented with shimmering gold and crystal-white veining. Beaumont features gorgeous bold veining which mimics the organic movement of natural stone, but is infused with incredible glimmering gold flecks which come alive under pendant or cabinet lighting. 



2. Berwyn



Our second pick for gorgeous golden designs is beautiful Berwyn. Berwyn is inspired by the peaks and ridges of the rugged mountain ranges in Wales. Berwyn is a true chameleon - featuring both warm and cool tones, soft organic flow and billowing movement, tBerwyn also features a stunning gold glimmer which casts a soft glow across its surface.



3 Brittanicca Gold



Flowing, multi-hued streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige course through this grand design. Brittanicca Gold is bold and beautiful. This design is unique in that it features absolutely no glitter, shimmer or reflect. It is a golden beauty with an authentic & earthy aspect which looks incredible in everything from a classic kitchen to a modern masterpiece. 



4. Annicca



Lastly, Annicca is a beauty unlike any other. Against a pure white background, veins of gorgeous grey and greige course like a bold river rapid. Tumbling amongst these veins are subtle amethyst and glittering gold flecks which create a majestic visual experience.  



Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We know there is plenty to learn about countertops for the average homeowner. We love educating and inspiring our clients on the multiple benefits of Cambria, and on how easy it is to get their project started. We're sharing our Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions today. We hope it helps you start your journey to finding the right product for you!

How Does Cambria Compare to Granite?

Cambria is 93% quartz, a natural stone. Quartz is the extremely hard mineral that gives Cambria its strength. Granite is only about 40% to 60% quartz, along with other softer minerals and impurities. With Cambria, you get the look and feel of granite, but receive greater strength and the benefit of it being nonporous and maintenance free. Just wash it with warm water, and use a mild soap if desired. Cambria is stain resistant and never needs sealing or reconditioning. Granite is a porous stone and needs to be sealed regularly with a chemical treatment. It can absorb liquids and food, risking potential staining and bacterial growth within the countertop.

What is Cambria?

Cambria is a natural quartz surfacing product that has a variety of uses in your home or business such as countertops, floor tile, vanities, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, showers, etc. Cambria is made of pure, natural quartz, one of the hardest and most abundant minerals on Earth. Some of Cambria’s designs have the natural look and feel of granite, marble and other quarried stones, but feature superior performance because of Cambria's strength and durability. It is nonporous and will not absorb food and liquids like granite does. And best of all, it is maintenance-free.

What is the process of getting my countertop?

The process from start to finish is 4 simple steps:
1) Request a Quote
2) Fill in a Template Request & Order Form
3) Template
4) Install

How do I request a Quote?

It is easy to get a quote for your project. Simply print out the Quote Request Form and create a simple hand sketch of your countertop requirements. Then you can either scan & e-mail it to us at or fax it to our office at 905-967-0950. Quartz Craft Countertops will return the quote to you within 24 hours.

Why doesn't Quartz Craft give a per sq foot price?

Cambria is priced per project. A per square foot price does not give you all of the information you need to make an accurate product comparison. Per square foot prices are often subject to additional costs based on the colour you choose, the edge profile you choose, the sink you choose and the stove you choose. Quartz Craft Countertops will supply you with a no obligation quotation that gives you the total cost of your countertop project. A project price is the best way to make comparisons with other products.

Cambria Launches 5 Exciting New Designs

  link  FEAtured Design: Mersey

link FEAtured Design: Mersey

We are so excited to highlight the 5 exciting new designs launched by Cambria. These majestic designs are unique and dramatic, bringing a beauty all their own to any project.  

Inspired by the majestic landscapes of Wales, every Cambria® design is a masterwork of unsurpassed natural beauty. Introducing five bold new Cambria designs with incredible clarity and quality to beautifully enhance any space.


Blackpool Matte. Vast and commanding, this powerful design is darkest ebony with a stealthy silken Cambria Matte finish that absorbs light like a starless night over the Irish Sea. 

Bridgewater. With a firm industrial gray-blue foundation that pays tribute to the town of the same name, Bridgewater is accented with brief interludes of white amidst splashes and capillaries of darker gray.


Levven. Muscular currents of gray, black and white surge like tumbling river currents trying to break free from the determined grasp of rocky banks.


New Skara Brae. Set against a bone-white marbled backdrop, bold translucent olive green veins plunge in various directions with subtle white and black tributaries interspersed throughout.


Mersey. Mersey is a deep, glassy black daubed throughout with white streaks that flash like lightening against a starless night sky.

Design Details: Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

Elegant but not fussy, airy yet down-to-earth, the farmhouse kitchen is easily one of the most popular styles for the modern family kitchen. Today we're sharing 4 special elements which can help bring your ultimate farmhouse kitchen dreams into reality. 

1. Rustic Accents

Part of the casual elegance of the farmhouse kitchen is the rustic undertone. Even in highly elevated farmhouse inspired spaces, part of what makes them so appealing is the contrast of beauty and warm, worn textures. This kitchen knocks rustic elements out of the park by including a whole wall of stunningly beautiful barnboard. This feature serves as the anchor for the rest of the design, but also lets the rest of the kitchen be smooth, clean and uncluttered without feeling too cold.

*These white and grey countertops are gorgeous - and if you're interested in a similar look but with the enhanced performance, durability, warranty and maintenance-free properties of Cambria, we suggest you take a look at our beautiful Ella design.

2. Exceptional Lighting

Light fixtures are the jewelry of any room. In the kitchen, many types of lighting are required. Bright, clear lighting for food prep and soft, moodier lighting for dining are both equally essential to a successful kitchen design. This kitchen includes an incredible light fixture featuring many bulbs over the primary work surface - giving both the option of full light or softer light through a dimmer. Additional lighting is provided by both pot lights and sconces to give the homeowners plenty of lighting options.

*Creamy white countertops of interest? Check out Cambria's Fairbourne and Kirkstead designs!

3. Thoughtful Storage

Integrated and intentional storage is a hallmark of the modern farmhouse kitchen. Well placed storage can serve both to have important or frequently used items on hand and also to display some of your favourite kitchen items. A cohesive collection of items is both useful and beautiful, and can bring personality and interest to a super functional room. We especially love these warm wood floating shelves in the kitchen above, as they tie in the warm wood of the floor yet are clean and modern enough not to detract from the backsplash and cabinetry.

*Want a gorgeous striated countertop like this one, but interested in maintenance-free durability? We suggest Cambria's Oakmoor design.

4. The Farmhouse Sink

Of course, no farmhouse kitchen is complete without a beautiful farmhouse sink. These spectacular beauties are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours. Everything from shiny porcelain to copper and concrete are being used in today's designs. We love the idea of a contrasting sink that pops against the cabinets! 

*Love that countertop? We suggest gorgeous Cambria design Brittanicca Gold to incorporate stunning copper and warm white tones into your design. 

Spring Refresh: Kitchen Accents

Since we're still stuck in cooler temperatures here in Southern Ontario, we feel strongly that creating a fresh, spring atmosphere indoors is the best bet to lift our spirits. Winter can't last forever, and with these beautiful kitchen accents hopefully we can muscle through the tail end of cold& snowy days.

We wanted to share a few less traditional ways of easily adding a spring vibe to your kitchen, without requiring a full floral centerpiece. Though beautiful, floral centerpieces are costly and need sprucing up every few days to remain fresh. The kitchen above has sidestepped this issue nicely with a simple display of leafy branches in a beautiful oversized vase. Though finding leafy branches in your yard is unlikely or impossible right now, we think this idea would translate easily with any foliage - from filler greens from a florist to leaves plucked from houseplants. The plus side is that these leaves last much longer than traditional cut flowers, and bring a minimalist, modern vibe to your kitchen. 

*Love that countertop? We suggest beautiful Cambria design Brittanicca Warm to complement a similar kitchen. All the beauty of quarry cut stone, but with the durability, warranty and easy-care properties of Cambria.

We love this simple kitchen vignette for the same reasons as above - while this neutral kitchen is beautiful and fresh in its own right, we love the vibrant pops of green thanks to the glass bottles and crisp limes. Adding bright spring colours can definitely be as simple as a gorgeous glass cake platter topped with some beautiful fresh fruit and minimal coordinating accessories.

*Interested in a dramatic white and grey countertop like this one? We recommend Cambria's beautiful Brittanicca design. Zero maintenance, endless durability and jaw dropping beauty will elevate your space.

This kitchen gives a subtle nod to the classic spring pastel pallette. A pale pink tea towel, light blue soap dispenser and hint-of-pink cut lilies are all it takes to have us feeling the spring vibes from this kitchen! We love the idea of an undersized vase with lilies, since they are so often a flower used in over-the-top arrangements. This trio of blooms is simple and sweet, just like this lovely space.

*Love a plain white countertop? We've got you covered. We recommend you check out Cambria's White Cliff or Whitehall designs. The best part of your white Cambria countertop: absolutely no staining. Wine, juice, coffee have nothing on Cambria. 

If you have the space for an arrangement like the one above, we fully encourage this elegant combination. These beautiful faux apple blossom branches would be a great option to use year after year. Paired with live alstroemeria, they look incredibly fresh and vibrant. A simple vignette of china vases flushes this arrangement out to perfection. 

*If you love soft, organic movement like in the countertop above, we suggest you check out Cambria's Delgatie or Ironsbridge designs. Incredible movement and unbeatable performance and value make these two designs a perfect fit.

Hopefully some (or all) of these ideas for freshening your kitchen resonate with you! 



Selecting Your Countertop


We all know that the countertop has a tough job. Arguably the most used (and abused!) product in your kitchen or bathroom, the countertop has a lot to contend with. Food, makeup, wine, vinegar, cleaning products, school bags, keys and more will be slid across this surface daily, so investing in a surface that can stand up to this use is certainly worth considering.

Since we know there are a few key areas of performance and lifestyle considerations, we've put together a handy chart to help you visualize the areas of performance for three top countertop materials.


Let's explore each of the categories above in a little more detail, so you know what we mean by 'Durable' 'Low Maintenance' 'Non Porous' and 'Hygienic'

Durability in countertops is of course a top consideration. When we compare durability in these three surfacing options, we're talking about ability to resist scratches, chips, cracks and heat resistance. While all stone is sensitive to rapid changes in heat and can be damaged by use without a trivet, scratch resistance and chips are another story. Granite is durable and can stand up to most wear and tear, but will certainly chip or crack if hit with a pot or pan. Marble is much softer and less durable, and can also chip. Cambria is 93% pure white quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals on earth. Due to the extremely high quality and quantity of quartz in Cambria, it is also extremely durable. And, if a chip should ever occur, Cambria includes a complementary Field Services Technician to address the issue in-home & free of charge. No other manufacturer of quartz, granite or marble offers this service.

Low Maintenance refers to how much time, money and energy your countertop will require from you to maintain its look and performance. Both granite and marble need to be sealed frequently to maintain their look and minimize the look of stains. Cambria is virtually maintenance free, just wash with soap and water. It never needs to be sealed or polished.

Non-Porous, refers to the presence of holes both within and on the surface of the countertop. These holes allow for liquid and air and bacteria to be absorbed into the countertop. Because of the porous nature of both granite and marble, food and liquids can stain and damage the surface.  Wine and food will not stain Cambria.

Hygienic refers to whether the surface will absorb and hold bacteria. If not sealed properly or sealant wears off, both granite and marble will harbor bacteria. Cambria will not harbour bacteria and is a safe and healthy choice for your home.

Hint of Mint: Beachy Designs for Spring

The sun has been shining and we are starting to feel like winter is losing the battle. Since the days are getting longer and spring weather is within reach, we're definitely feeling more excited about bright, fun designs! We're sharing 3 beautiful Cambria designs which each feature fresh aqua tones, to celebrate spring!

  link  Kelvingrove

link Kelvingrove

The stunning project above is what inspired this post! It is hard not to have your breath taken away by this gorgeous space. Anything would look incredible next to that amazing ocean view, but we love how the homeowners here really embraced their surrounding with their interior design choices! 

Kelvingrove features both warm and nurturing Earth tones of taupe, white, and robin’s egg blue-green. It looks absolutely beautiful paired with aqua cabinets and soft whitewashed floor boards.

  link  Featured Design: Montgomery 

link Featured Design: Montgomery 

 link Montgomery

link Montgomery

Next up is beautiful Montgomery. Creamy white, taupe and softest mint pair in this design for a subtle beachy look. In the gorgeous kitchen above they used a perfect combination of Cambria's Montgomery countertops with aqua glass tile backsplash. 

  link  Featured Design: Praa Sands 

link Featured Design: Praa Sands 

Lastly, no roundup of ocean-inspired designs would be complete without mentioning Praa Sands. From the Waterstone Collection, Praa Sands is the moodiest of the three designs we're featuring today. Meant to mimic the beautiful rocky outcroppings of the southern coast of wales, Praa Sands is a combination of charcoal, taupe and deep blue-green. 

Paired with smoky brown cabinets and a robsin's egg blue feature wall, Praa Sands is a grounding element in this lovely family kitchen. 

Cambria Quartz: Asked & Answered

In last week's blog, we outlined some of the questions which we feel are important for the consumer to consider when selecting which quartz product to specify for their renovation. We thought that this week we'd share the answers to those questions, to help put all of this information in one place for anyone trying to understand more about beautiful Cambria quartz.

1. What percent quartz is this product? Cambria Quartz is 93% pure white quartz, which creates an incredibly strong and safe surface.  

2. Is this product made from responsibly sourced quartz? Yes. Cambria is created from the highest quality of pure natural quartz. Unlike other manufacturers, Cambria is mined ethically and responsibly in North America. In addition, 100% of the water used to polish the surfaces is recycled, saving an estimated 1.6 billion gallons of water per year.

3. What type, purity & quality of quartz does this product contain? 93% pure, white quartz of the highest quality available.

4. Where is this product manufactured? North America? Overseas? Cambria is manufactured in North America. Slabs are created only in Le Sueur, Minnesota, ensuring incredible quality control. The countertops are then fabricated in Bolton, Ontario.

5. Is this product NSF 51 Certified Food Safe? Yes. All Cambria designs have been certified by NSF International as safe for use as a food preparation surface.  Cambria is nonporous; therefore, food and moisture cannot penetrate the surface – the main source of growth for harmful bacteria. 

6. Does it have Greenguard certification? Yes, Cambria quartz surfaces has been GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) under the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emitting Products. This certification allows Cambria to be a point contributor in any LEED-certified project in the category of Indoor Environmental Quality.

7. Will it stain? No. Cambria's nonporous and nonabsorbent surface is resistant to staining and eliminates the need for any sealing. Its nonporous surface also greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth from food absorbing into your countertop.

8. Will it etch? No. Cambria will not react to food acids in the same way other stone can. Lemon juice, tomato sauce and vinegar will not damage the surface. 

9. Will it scratch? Cambria is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stone. However, all stone can be damaged by force and no stone is chip-proof. Objects hitting edges, particularly at sinks or dishwashers, may cause chips. Though a minor knife slip will dull the knife and not harm Cambria, no stone surface is scratch-proof. Surface markings are more visible on monotone designs than multi-colored surfaces.

10. What manufacturing warranties does this product have? All Cambria surfaces are accompanied by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which covers the product for the duration of your ownership. 

11. What does the warranty cover? How long does it run? Cambria offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects. Feel the confidence and freedom of living with your Cambria, knowing we stand firmly behind every product we make and every customer we earn. In the rare case that your Cambria has been damaged, our Customer Care professionals will help make everything right.

12. Does this manufacturer offer a Field Service Technician to quickly address issues? Yes. You can reach a Cambria Customer Care professional at 1-866-CAMBRIA to request a Field Service Technician dispatched to your home, free of charge. Cambria is the only quartz manufacturer that offers this service.

13. Does the veining run through the product? Or is it only on the surface? Yes, Cambria's natural quartz and rich colors go all the way through the material.

14. Are installers certified? Yes. Cambria® only supplies and manufactures quartz countertops to companies who have been educated at Cambria® University in Minnesota.

15. Does the manufacturer colour/design match? Yes. While exact vein matching, colour matching and design matching are never guaranteed due to the unique natural beauty of each slab, every attempt is made to ensure the best colour & design match. 

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have about Cambria! If you have any additional questions you can always reach one of our helpful staff members who will be happy to help. Inquiries can be made to 905-967-0949. 

Is All Quartz Created Equal?

 link Featured Design: White Cliff

link Featured Design: White Cliff

Quartz is the #1 surfacing product on the market right now, and is steadily climbing in popularity. The reasons why are easy to see, performance, durability, beauty and maintenance-free living are all appealing options for busy homeowners. As a result of the high demand for this product, the market is flooded with tons of different brands & manufacturers of quartz products, all with different performance, warranty and price. 

While we of course believe in the quality and value of Cambria, the exclusive quartz product we offer, we think it is important for all consumers to conduct their own research and arrive at the best product for their lifestyle. 

Picking the products for your kitchen can be overwhelming, and the countertop is just one product in a long list of decisions to be made. However; not everyone is an expert on countertops! So we thought we'd share a handy list of a few questions which might help you establish which product is the right fit for your home. 

1. What percent quartz is this product?

2. Is this product made from responsibly sourced quartz?

3. What type, purity & quality of quartz does this product contain?

4. Where is this product manufactured? North America? Overseas?

5. Is this product NSF 51 Certified Food Safe?

6. Does it have Greenguard certification?

7. Will it stain?

8. Will it etch?

9. Will it scratch?

10. What manufacturing warranties does this product have? 

11. What does the warranty cover? How long does it run?

12. Does this manufacturer offer a Field Service Technician to quickly address issues?

13. Does the veining run through the product? Or is it only on the surface?

14. Are installers certified?

15. Does the manufacturer colour/design match?

These are some of the things you want to know about your countertop as you make this investment in your home.We hope this list gives you a starting point as you explore the world of quartz! 


Healthy Spaces: Cambria in High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas in the home are something we are all familiar with. The kitchen, bathroom, mudroom and laundry room are some of the hardest working areas in any house. Places which are exposed to a variety of elements are always excellent places to invest in your home - if an area will see water, dirt, grocery bags, laundry baskets, keys, toys, dirty clothes (and clean clothes!) etc., it is clearly important to have a surface that will both stand the test of time and be easy to maintain and get truly clean.

Today we're sharing three spaces which illustrate the durability and cleanliness of Cambria quartz. All three spaces are public areas - outside of a residence - and all three spaces have selected Cambria as their surface of choice because of the outstanding durability, beauty and hygienic nature of this product.


First up, this gorgeous yoga studio has chosen Cambria as its reception area surface. A yoga studio is essentially a place to get sweaty, and we all know that sweat breeds bacteria quicker than you can say 'Downward dog'. Add in the number of people a public space like this sees on the daily, and you can imagine how important it is to be comfortable that the surfaces clients are touching are truly clean, not harboring bacteria, or even common germs like the cold and flu virus. We love the thoughtful choice of Cambria in this area because it is nonporous, easy to maintain, scratch resistant and looks absolutely beautiful. 


Similarly, this use of Cambria is definitely not one the average homeowner would think of -  a medical facility. However; just because our private residences aren't subject to the (rightfully) stringent guidelines of a medical facility doesn't mean it isn't an excellent idea to include a product that allows you to control the level of sterility in your home. We all love the look of quarry cut stone like granite and marble. They are beautiful products! However; it is possible to achieve the same natural beauty in your home with a product that is both maintenance free and hygienic.


Lastly, this stunning bar features a gorgeous top of Cambria's Ella design. A public bar or restaurant is an excellent place to use Cambria because of its strength and durability. Consider the vast array of beverages that will likely be spilled across this beautiful white surface during its lifespan. Wine, vinegar, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherry juice, lemon & lime juice, the list goes on. Not to mention the thousands of glasses slid across the surface, coat button and zippers, handbags and car keys that this countertop will see. The beauty of Cambria is in its ability to withstand nearly anything life throws at it! In high traffic areas it is easy to see why the investment in a surface with the strength, durability, stain resistance, scratch resistance and beauty of Cambria is a natural choice.

Not Just Countertops: Cambria Wall Cladding

The incredible performance, durability and beauty of Cambria make it an ideal choice for not just countertops, but also a variety of other uses. Because of the incredible innovation and precision of the Cambria FabShop, we've seen incredible projects come to life. One of the most common applications for Cambria is a vertical one - wall cladding.

The most common places where we see Cambria being used vertically are in the bathroom, on a fireplace and  as backsplash. We're sharing 4 different ways Cambria can be used vertically today, but for a fun twist we're sharing projects which all use the same gorgeous design - Brittanicca.

Because Cambria is completely non-porous and will not harbour any harmful bacteria, it is an ideal choice for use in wet places, such as a shower or tub. Using Cambria in the shower can create incredibly dramatic movement, as shown above. However; if you prefer subdued elegance, because of the 140+ designs available, we know there's a design perfect for your project.

Above, this double-height room is taken to soaring new levels of design with double slabs of Brittanicca stacked floor to ceiling on the fireplace. Using Cambria on a fireplace is an incredibly luxurious addition to your design. Make sure when planning your fireplace cladding you speak with one of our highly trained staff members to learn about any potential restrictions on material size and placement. 



This amazing bathroom features floor to ceiling Brittanicca in different sizes to emphasize the natural beauty of this stone. We love the bold pattern mixed with bright gold hardware and distressed wood floor! 

Lastly, we can't leave without talking about the most common way of using Cambria vertically - full height backsplash. Whether you choose a contrasting design, or go for a matching look (as above), we love the idea of Cambria as full height backsplash. Not only does Cambria not have traditional grout lines, making it easy to maintain, but it is also a perfect place for a non-porous material. Your kitchen's splash zone could easily have food splashed on it, and as a result is a great place for the worry-free properties of Cambria. Spaghetti sauce, soups, frying bacon and more are all super common culprits for splashing on your walls. Cambria will not stain or oil spot, and cleans up with just soap and water, making it the perfect choice for this high-use area of your home.


Kitchen Fundamentals: Custom Cabinetry

Designing a kitchen involves hundreds of decisions. Finishes, hardware, colour, texture, performance, durability & warranty are just some of the things that are considered in a kitchen renovation – and they are considered for each and every material, product and supplier throughout the whole process. It can be overwhelming!

While only you (and your designer, K&B boutique or architect) can decide what is the right choice for your family and budget, custom cabinets should definitely be on your list of considerations when planning a renovation.

Custom cabinetry is a more expensive choice than buying pre-fabricated cabinets from a large retailer, but we’ve got a few thoughts to share on why they might be the right choice, and worth the investment.

Number one, of course, is the key word in custom cabinet – they are custom! You can pick every aspect of your cabinet, from the height you need your countertops to be, the special width for your heirloom pasta maker, and the number and type of cabinets for the way you and your family live your life, custom cabinetry allows you to include everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Number two, is performance and durability. Your kitchen is the most used room in your house. It has to face kids, pets, rushing adults, packed social gatherings, and more frequent cleaning than your other living spaces. Cabinets are a fundamental aspect of the kitchen, and if you consider your cabinet as foundation furniture for this highly used room, you will definitely want something built to last and with your unique needs in mind.

Number three: supporting local craftsmen and control over the source of materials. If you are concerned with how the materials in your home have been grown, harvested or produced, custom cabinets are certainly something you should consider. You will most likely be able to obtain much more information about the origin of the wood that is used, and be able to select a wood that you feel good about using in your home. Selecting a local cabinet maker ensures that you are investing in your local economy, reducing the carbon footprint of your home and have the flexibility to truly create a kitchen as unique as you are.

Custom cabinetry and a Cambria countertop go together like peas in a pod. Cambria is a North American made product created from ethically & Canadian-mined quartz and fabricated in Bolton, Ontario. Quartz Craft is a local, family owned business, and we’re proud to say that every single project we work on is customized to fit our customers’ exact requirements. If you’re looking for custom solutions for your design project, we think that the combination of custom cabinets & a Cambria countertop is a perfect match.

Kitchen Design: The Modern Classic

Our homes should be a reflection of our lives. How we live, who we are and what is important to us. Being comfortable and happy with your space is essential, and the easiest way to ensure success in your design is to understand what it is about a room that either appeals to you, or doesn't.

Great design will always stand the test of time, regardless of trends. We've seen super modern kitchens installed over 15 years ago that are still relevant to today's design. But if modern design doesn't speak to you or your family's lifestyle, then even the most beautiful modern kitchen is certainly not the choice for you. 

Today's images are all examples of stunningly beautiful 'classic' kitchens. We often find people shy away from the terms 'traditional' or 'classic', because they can conjure images of outdated kitchens without the glamour and beauty of modern kitchens. However; we're sharing these kitchens because while they are totally accessible, livable spaces they are also phenomenally beautiful and current. The best thing about a well designed classic kitchen is it will always be relevant. 



So what makes a modern classic kitchen, well, classic? We're sharing 5 spaces that have entirely different finishes, details and layouts, but they somehow achieve similar aesthetics - bright, welcoming & approachable. 

Using a tight colour palette is always an easy way to add a timeless quality to your kitchen. These kitchens stick to neutral colours for the big ticket items. Grey, white, warm wood, deep black and soft cream are all utilized in these spaces. A neutral colour palette for cabinets, walls and floors allows your design to take more risks with texture, colour and scale of accessories. 

Each of these spaces also pays careful consideration to balance, proportion and contrast. Part of what makes a space feel well designed is that every element has a corresponding opposite. Dark and light, warm and cool tones, hard and soft surfaces. Creating a variety of sensory experiences all within the same palette is an excellent way to ensure your space feels intentional. For example, though the kitchen above features a strong wall of cool & shiny grey subway tiles, the floor is rough textured warm wood. This combination ensures that neither the floor nor the backsplash is overpowering the rest of the elements in the room.  



Of course, traditional details on cabinets, doors and windows (such as raised or flat panels, dovetailed joints and mullions) add instant charm. Pairing traditional cabinetry with a Matte finish countertop (above: Featured Cambria Design: Weybourne Matte) from our stunning Marble collection is an easy way to achieve an old-world look with the strength and durability of Cambria. Since Cambria never needs sealing or polishing it will stand the test of time, just like the look of your modern classic kitchen.